When you buy a new car, you will immediately insurance it, but what if it is a used car? Have we ever thought about insuring a used car? Indeed, it is quite a bit of a problem to old insurance vehicles, there are still not a few who are also constrained by insurance companies to be able to deduce the courage to pay or not to claim costs when an old car is insured.

But not a few also ask about insurance on old cars, the question is not different and not whether the insurance company can still bear it? Because the more days the average price of the early car decreases or in the economic language feel depreciation at the initial purchase price.

The decline in the value of this asset is due to the artificial age of an item to the extent that the selling price of an item will be far from the initial sale value. Therefore, the insurance company requires not a little careful consideration to finally agree. For those of you who know that insurance for old cars that are over ten years old, the location of their coverage is the most limited to all risk insurance for old cars.

The insurance company will work on the overall assessment, like an official letter, and the physical condition of the car. Also, they will also consider the availability of official workshops, spare parts, and so on. The goal is to get approval in the process of proposing insurance for all risk products to be more selective.

For those of us who expect old car insurance on all risk products is indeed not easy, the matter is because the production of individual vehicles in Indonesia is the highest — coupled with the increasing market demand in the country itself. In addition to these facilities are also to credit the car of many creditors. Therefore, some insurance companies will make sure the new car is released. But there are also those who submit the terms and conditions for cars that are covered by a maximum of 10 years.

Here are three easy tips to insurance your old car, so you don’t need to have excessive anxiety.

  • Partner Workshop

The workshop is the main point when you conclude to insurance an old car. Know first whether our chosen car insurance has a partner workshop that is easily accessible from your city. Because the fewer insurance companies have partner workshops, it can be seen if the quality of the car insurance company is better.

  • Premium

When we are offered to old car insurance marketing, try to learn first. You can learn it starting from the premium value that fits your needs.

  • Quality of Service

You also have to make sure that the insurance company that we choose provides 24-hour non-stop customer service, fast and responsive service personnel, and towing service.

If unwanted incidents occur despite being careful, you can protect your car from the risk of severe damage with the technique of buying an insurance policy.

But before making a purchase, you must understand that car insurance is divided into two types and each has a difference.

  1. All risk car insurance – All risk type vehicle insurance is usually called comprehensive coverage. The cost of premium insurance is more expensive than TLO because the comprehensive protection starts from minor destruction, floods, losses and so on.
  2. Car insurance Total Lost Only – The premium cost for TLO insurance is cheaper than all risk because the cost of damage borne by the company is lighter and not as comprehensive as all risk.

Do not hesitate to insurance our car regardless of the age of the vehicle. The problem of ensuring old cars will be solved by choosing the right and reliable insurance company.

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