The car is a vehicle that has now become a necessity for many people to travel and run a business. The public transportation factor in Indonesia, which is still far from comfortable, does indeed make many people choose to buy individual vehicles for their daily needs.

Unfortunately, not all people can buy the desired car. Car prices are still high, creating them financially; they cannot afford them. But for those of you who want to have a car, we anticipate this financial problem by exploring and buying used cars.

Used car? Can the quality be guaranteed? Even if it is a used car, if you can carefully and precisely choose a vehicle, you can only find a good and quality car. From this matter, unfortunately, not all people can carefully choose a good and quality used a vehicle. For those of you who intend to make a purchase and aim at good and quality used cars, you can apply the following tricks and techniques.

Place of Purchase

The first way and trick to choose a good and quality used a car is to look at where to buy the car. Indeed, now there are not a few places that open used car sales with all its offers. But to buy a used car and get it we can also buy it from people who are indeed going to sell it directly without intermediaries.

Buying into a showroom will indeed make you get not a few choices, but you should know that purchasing a showroom certainly makes the purchase cost more than if you buy it directly from the first person.

If you search and buy a used car through an intermediary this will make the price more expensive. So, purchasing from the first party will make you better understand the condition of car maintenance, after all, if the person who sells it is someone we know. Therefore, paying attention to your location to make a car purchase is an urgent matter that you need to look at.

Beware of Used Cars Collision and Flooding

If you chase used cars that are marketed at the lowest price, even below the market price, you should be more careful. Because there are several propositions that people trade their cars at low prices.

One of them is a car that he sells in a recondition situation. Vehicles that are marketed due to a collision or damaged impact through the flood.

Of course, the quality of a used car crash or flood is not as good as a car that is not a collision or flood. Besides, a vehicle that was because for an accident even though it was often fixed still left other problems.

For that, the matter that you need to pay attention to is to listen to the chassis of the car. By watching that part, you can see whether the chassis and body of the car are in a good situation or not. Besides, you can see the elements under the hood, sometimes a car that was hit by a collision will look like a repair.

Also, the rear trunk is the part that you need to look at. Not infrequently the old owner of the car that you will buy to feel a collision. If there is a former repair in the body element and the chassis of the car, it helps us to consider returning the car that we are interested in.

Pay attention to the curve of the body, and paint the car. Of course, when a used car is hit, the car body and paint elements will not be perfect again. For this, you must be more thorough before purchasing a used car.

Car Engine Performance

This is an important part of the inspection process that must be most observed and not missed. Turn on the car engine and listen to the sound of the engine running. A good machine is a machine that broadcasts smooth and not rough. A car that is still good also has the characteristics of an easy starter. After waging a machine, try to do a driving test.

Try to pass the gear. Make sure that the gear shift runs smoothly. Feel the situation of the car when walking. If it feels heavy, want to turn left or right, try to assume twice to buy it. In this drive, the test works to go through the road that is not flat enough to test the good or bad situation of the legs of the car. For the test drive, we try to do it with the seller so that the seller knows the condition of the vehicle.

Car Exterior

After you chase the seller and the location of the car, then it’s time to do the next stage, namely checking. The part of the car that you often pay attention to is the exterior of the vehicle. Just examine this very united element. On the exterior elements of this car, many car parts that must be checked are the body elements.

Note whether there are scratches or lapses on the body of this car, how the situation of the paint, whether it is still smooth or has been rough. Also consider the element of glass, whether there are parts that are cracked or broken. Also, pay attention to the elements of the lamp, whether there is broken and can light properly, or precisely the light of the lamp is no longer bright, or even the light is no longer on Look at the state of the four tires, is it still okay or has worn out. Try going into the pit to see if there are rust and porous.

Accessories and Interior

After passing with the exterior and engine elements, it’s time to examine the car’s interior and accessories. Some components of car accessories and interiors that you need to look at between the different parts of the dashboard, adjust the air conditioning, carpet, and see the quality of the seats and ceilings.

Be sure to try to occupy the seat, pull back, and check the quality of the upholstery. Even the glass should not go unnoticed by trying to move up and down the windshield. Also, check the wiper button and the open-close situation of the car door. Finally, try to check the headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and danger. Other audio facilities are just as crucial for you to explore by playing and turning techniques.

Completeness of Letters

If you are already chasing a used vehicle, that is your imagination. Then find the situation of the car in a good atmosphere. The next thing that needs to be ignored is the completeness of the letters.

The standard equipment that must be owned by a used car is a Vehicle Ownership Book and a Vehicle Number Certificate. Both of these letters are proof of motor vehicle identification as well as vehicle completeness. This letter writes the owner’s identity, motor vehicle identity, registration number, and validity period is classified as validation.

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