Porsche, this German automotive brand often presents a row of sports cars that have attractive designs. Including the Porsche 928 which is currently one of the most sought-after car models because of its classic shape.

But did you know, recently at least 13 Porsche 928 units were found abandoned and abandoned by their owners?

At least a dozen Porsche 928s were found by Facebook user Steve Rhodes, who accidentally found them while searching for a location for the Westworld television show near the old North Moorpark mine, Ventura County, California, United States (US).

“One of the friends of the (land) owner asked to keep some car. And almost never come back,” Rhodes said in his post which was also reported by Carscoops.

From a number of photos taken by Rhodes, at least the 13 cars are Porsche 928 types with 4.5 liters and 5.0-liter engines. The conditions also vary, ranging from faded paint, peeling varnish and of course all covered in dust.

He also mentioned that the relatively dry conditions in California did not prevent the body of the Porsche 988, which is made of galvanized steel and aluminum panels, from corroding.

However, it is certain that the car’s electrical system is now weak and problematic because it has long been abandoned by its owner.

Posche 928 is a Game Car

Although the 13 Porsche 928s are in a problematic condition, it seems that this will not happen if collectors know about the existence of these cars.

The reason is, if car lovers are interested in the car, then it is not impossible even though the shape is erratic, they are willing to remodel it. However, this did not happen to the 13th owner of the now-abandoned Porsche 928.

“That guy is still around here to have it, but seems to have lost interest in getting it fixed. Even I was told he (the owner) would not sell it,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes also argues, although this type of car is now being hunted by collectors, it seems that this will only be a figment. Because anyone who thinks can see or buy this car is definitely not easy. Because the area is very private.

“There is no way to get to this property area. There was only one way in and the gate was huge. They also have video cameras at the gates,” he explained.

This means that the Porsche 928s are likely to break down in time unless the owner changes his mind to repair or sell them.

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