Let me save more. Admit it! Surely that is the destination, choose to buy a used car. Maybe not all of the answers are, but on average, once again on average, people buy used vehicles, they want to get a car at a sloping price.

But the destination for saving money will not be achieved if a used car is not accompanied by insurance protection. Yes, it’s clear, even though the status is still permanent, the car must be fortified with insurance. So, car insurance is not the monopoly of the press car. After all, who says the risk of a used car is smaller than a new car? The name of the car, whether resale or gress, is still at risk of experiencing misfortune on the road, damaged, or stolen.

These risks continue to haunt anywhere, anytime and happen to anyone. Try who can guarantee that in one hour ahead your favorite used car won’t be hit by someone? Until here we agree to the importance of ensuring used vehicles? So ideally, choose used car insurance that fills ‘3 T ‘, which is the best when the car is used, the best protection, and the best is also the contents of the bag!

The 3T principle must be experienced directly with the owner of a used car. Just mention finding comfort, calm, and avoiding significant financial losses due to damage or loss of a car. There are even other extra benefits such as convenience or special services from insurance companies for their customers. When you win some lottery or door prize in the form of a car, you need to take a look on the insurance also, some of the online player in Asia who daftar sbobet can win luxury cars if they are lucky. You don’t want to win prize but has debt to pay the taxes and maintenance.

There is a different treatment when you take care of Monk as Insurance

Indeed, there is nothing else between used car insurance and the new one. Only the arrangement is not much longer than the new car, and the premium is not much higher.

There is indeed another treatment in managing the insurance of the same used car that was just published from the showroom. The main thing is first to assess the market price of used cars when insured by insurance. Unlike the new car, the price has been fixed, aka of course according to the cost when purchasing on the road (OTR).

Next, the insurance company will also survey the car that wants to be insured to measure the risk. The survey included physical checks including pre-assisting damage, aka checking used car damage that might have been there at the time.

Different cases when buying a used car through the showroom. Call it Mobil 88 (Astra Group), Auto Safe (Hyundai), Indomobil Used Car (Indomobil Group), BMW Used Car Center. Most likely used a risk survey does not accompany cars purchased through the manufacturer’s legitimate showroom. The reason is that the insurance company views the vehicles from the manufacturer’s showrooms as being reconditioned.

Why? Yes because the condition of the car has been felt functional and fixed. The insurance company can convince this because the used car in the manufacturer’s showroom has been reconditioned to the point that its condition is considered competent to the point that it does not need to measure the risk anymore. The age of the vehicle becomes a point of consideration for the car to be insured or not. Each insurance company has different skills in assessing the maturity of used car vehicles. There is a maximum of seven years, and there are also up to 10 years.

The age of used cars sometimes also assess the type of insurance. The older the vehicle will be referred to using TLO insurance (Total Loss). The reason, the older the age of used cars, the more difficult the availability of components and the selling price continued to shrink. Vice versa, if you are still young, say only a year, you can use All Risk.

Why are Mobkas Premiums More Expensive?

Used car insurance premiums will be more expensive than a new car even though the insurance price or insurance rate is the same as a new car. For example, the insurance price or insurance rate between cars made in 2008 is the same as the car assembled in 2014 at the same standard of Rp. 100 million.

How come? The answer is because there are extra loading costs (according to the age of the vehicle) that are charged related to the age of the car. The older the car is, the higher the risk is felt. And, the older the vehicle, the more chance of destruction or wear of car components. The reason that creates insurance companies weighs on loading costs because used cars risk more than new cars. Not to mention the depreciation of used car prices that are faster than new cars.

Well, additional loading costs are an extra percentage that is often used for cars over five years, calculated from the current situation. Insurance companies that decide for themselves the additional cost of loading. Therefore, the amount of loading costs will undoubtedly be different in each insurance company. Only the average loading cost starts from 5 percent to 10 percent.

The loading cost calculation formula can be calculated by simulation according to the rate assumption multiplied by the percentage of loading costs. The concrete is as follows:

Insurance rate assumption = 3%
Decided percentage of loading = 10%
Cost of loading = 3% x 10% = 0.3%
The fall in insurance premiums costs = assuming a rate + loading costs = 3% + 0.3% = 3.3%

Suppose that 3.3% is a premium for All Risk protection, then if the price of a used car in 2009 is IDR 100 million, the premium to be paid is 3.3% X IDR 100 million to IDR 3.3 million per year. Premium costs can be even higher if there are additional guarantees such as Third Party Dependents, riots, natural disasters, and so on.

It is clear why used cars are also important to be fortified. Indeed, resale cars get higher insurance premiums. Right, it’s worth the protection to make sure the car that happens to be bought with difficulty. What is put forward is its protection. The economic intention to buy a resale car might fail if the car day is in trouble.

It is better not to delay viewing, and no one knows what happened to the favorite car in the future. If it’s late and there has been a breakdown in a vehicle that is not fortified with insurance policies, it will certainly drain the wallet to turn the car around again. Finally, there is no less money.

You can’t forget the 3T formula so that you can get the right insurance, the desired protection, and the premium is affordable!

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