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Newly Launched, KIA EV6 Immediately Beats Ferrari et al in the Drag Race Test

KIA has just released its newest electric car, the EV6. This car immediately defeated several of its opponents such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz, in drag racing, aka straight track racing.

The South Korean automotive company released the latest electric car KIA EV6. Not only creating environmentally-friendly vehicles, but KIA also builds an electric vehicle that has high performance. This high-performance version is named as KIA EV6 GT.

As an illustration, the KIA EV6 GT uses a pair of 77.4 kWh electric motors, which can produce a peak power of around 577 hp and 740 Nm of torque. On paper, this electric car can reach speeds of 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 3.5 seconds or faster than the Porsche Taycan 4S.

To test the performance of the electric engine, the KIA EV6 GT conducted a drag race with a distance of about 400 meters. The EV6 GT competes with well-known brands in the sportscar world such as the Lamborghini Urus SUV, Ferrari California, Porsche 911, Mercedes-AMG GT, and McLaren 570S.

When the race started, it was seen that the KIA EV6 GT could be faster than its opponent thanks to the instant torque of an electric car. Until it reaches the finish line, EV6 GT opponents such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes-AMG are left behind. But in the end, the one who managed to touch the finish line first was the McLaren 570S.

Seeing this performance, of course, can be a signal for well-known European sports car brands to be more alert to Asian automotive brands that are starting to show significant developments in the sports car world.

For information, the KIA EV6 went on sale in several countries this year. In the UK, this car starts at £40,895 (Rp 820.2 million) for the base variant, and if you want to have a GT type you have to pay an extra £58,295 (Rp 1.169 billion).

For an electric car, it can be said that it is expensive, but there was a gambler who bought it immediately when the car was first released. From the news circulating, the person immediately came to the KIA showroom to book the car.

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Turn a blind eye to electric cars, Toyota car boycott emerges in the United States

The Toyota car boycott movement or action emerged in the United States because it was considered to be deliberately slowing the progress and production of electric cars. According to Electric, the boycott was initiated by the founder of the Plug-In America Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Paul Scott.

Honda Bz4X the one and only electric car from Honda

In this action, Paul Scott asked all Americans to stop buying Toyota cars. This was requested because Toyota seemed to deliberately suppress the acceleration of electric cars in Uncle Sam’s country. Not only from internal policies, but Toyota has also slowed down by conducting special lobbying with the United States government regarding electric cars.

“Toyota deserves a boycott because they still want us to depend on gasoline,” said Paul Scott.

Paul Scott is not alone, recently as many as 15 NGOs concerned with the environment asked to meet with Toyota North America President and CEO Tetsuo Ogawa. They wanted to confirm Toyota’s turning a blind eye to the development of pure electric cars. In addition, they want to confirm steps Toyota has lobbied the United States government to reduce the incentives given to electric cars.

“Their move to the government actually makes us move away from the vision to create a better environment. We want Toyota to provide full support and policies for pure electric cars,” he explained.

Currently, Toyota seems to be holding back in the production of electric cars. When world car companies are competing to make electric cars, Toyota is even more focused on making hybrid cars that still depend on gasoline. Currently, they only have one electric car, the Toyota BZ4X. It’s still in concept form. The only electric car that they made in production was actually present under another name, namely the Lexus UX300e.

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List of 25 Best Selling Cars of 2020 in the United States

2020 has been completed, a number of car manufacturers in the United States (US) have reported their sales performance throughout the last year. Many manufacturers complain that 2020 will be a tough year for the automotive industry.

At the beginning of the year, the movement of car sales went well. However, once the coronavirus (Covid-19) broke out in the US in the middle of the year, making car sales were battered. Although the situation at the end of the year began to show improvement.

Despite falling sales, there are several car models that actually recorded positive results compared to the previous year.

Car and Driver have calculated the sales figures for each car model from various brands. His party made a list of the 25 best-selling cars in the US throughout 2020.

List of 2020 Best Selling Cars in the US from Bottom:

  1. Toyota 4Runner 129,052 units (2% down compared to 2019)
  2. Ford Transit 131,556 units (down 15% compared to 2019)
  3. Jeep Cherokee 135,855 units (down 29% compared to 2019)
  4. Nissan Altima 137,988 units (down 34% compared to 2019)
  5. Mazda CX-5 146,420 units (down 5.3% compared to 2019)
  6. Subaru Outback 153,294 units (down 15% compared to 2019)
  7. Subaru Forester 176,996 units (down 2% compared to 2019)
  8. Ford Escape 178,496 units (down 26% compared to 2019)
  9. Honda Accord 199,458 units (down 26% compared to 2019)
  10. Jeep Wrangler 201,311 units (down 12% compared to 2019)
  11. Jeep Grand Cherokee 209,786 units (down 14% compared to 2019)
  12. Toyota Highlander 212,276 units (down 11% compared to 2019)
  13. Ford Explorer 226,217 units (up 21% compared to 2019)
  14. Nissan Rogue 227,935 units (down 35% compared to 2019)
  15. Toyota Corolla 237,178 units (down 22% compared to 2019)
  16. Toyota Tacoma 238,806 units (down 4% compared to 2019)
  17. GMC Sierra 253,016 units (9% up from 2019)
  18. Honda Civic 261,225 units (down 20% compared to 2019)
  19. Chevrolet Equinox 270,994 units (down 22% compared to 2019)
  20. Toyota Camry 294,348 units (down 13% compared to 2019)
  21. Honda CR-V 333,502 units (down 13% compared to 2019)
  22. Toyota RAV4 430,387 units (down 4% compared to 2019)
  23. Ram pick-up trucks 563,676 units (down 11% compared to 2019)
  24. Chevrolet Silverado 586,675 units (up 3.2% compared to 2019)
  25. Ford F-Series 787,422 units (down 12% compared to 2019).

Popular US Pickup Trucks

The Ford F-Series is the best-selling car in the United States. This is reasonable considering that the pickup truck was very popular there for 44 years. In addition to pickup trucks, SUVs and crossover types also have many fans, this can be seen from the list above. Where SUVs and crossovers dominate.

The mid-size sedan still has the appeal of the Civic, Altima, and Corolla. Likewise, large sedans such as the Accord and Camry, still have fans.

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The Hunt For The New Car Begins

The approach of spring awakens the appetites of motorists as well as the rest. The period is the most favorable to change the car: the devaluation is felt less, the dangers of winter are behind us and the progressively milder climate invites us to rediscover the pleasure of traveling. Thus the house is populated with brochures and estimates. For four-wheel enthusiasts, it is an important moment, but even for those who are not particularly fascinated by cars, the change is always a moment of reflection. Because, then, after the emotion of choice and the anxiety of waiting, we come to terms with reality. Dreams end and we enter everyday life.

If you have the wrong purchase, it’s trouble. And you can’t go back, it’s not convenient, because immediately after mounting the plates the car loses 20 to 30% of the initial value (just think of 22% of VAT). In short, before putting the signature on the new car contract it is good to see well all the pros and cons, and also to reflect on the seemingly irrelevant aspects. Here is a mini-guide to conscious and reasoned buying.

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New car? Here’s all you need to know

When talking to dealers, sellers, and customers, they have come up with common mistakes made when buying or selling a car. It is in fact precisely errors that create short circuits that should not be there, especially because they are to the disadvantage of those who must buy the car.

always express your needs

Buying a car is not easy, above all because in recent times there is a lot of information to be metabolized: the financing, the guarantee, the price, the characteristics of the model, the engine, the gearbox, the fittings. All information is difficult to understand for those who are not experts in this world.

One of the most common mistakes that we are told by salespeople is the fact that the customer very often does not express his needs and needs to those in charge. You must always explain your needs to those who sell cars, to ensure that the best solution is given to you and your pockets!

Browsing the various websites, looking at the reviews on YouTube and the price lists that are always on the web, you have the possibility of having a clear and complete idea of ​​what the market offers. Always better to limit your search to a “rose” of more or less wide models, according to personal tastes, so as to be able to satisfy your needs.

Subsequently, after having carried out thorough research, it would be ideal to go only to the selected dealerships, for the vision of the car. This way you avoid needlessly turning for weeks, looking for the perfect car. Therefore, initially, it is better to prepare yourself with the information that is on the web and only then go to the dealership. This way you can understand if the car online choice is really the right one.

used excellent = right evaluation

One of the things that are hardly paid attention to is the state of one’s car, which must be traded. In relation to the conditions of the used car, it is interesting to note one thing: when you go to a dealer or a car showroom, cars are always presented to the best of their condition; and this is exactly what they must be when they are brought by the customer to the dealer. A necessary condition to ensure that the best possible evaluation is given.

The car that must be traded must be cleaned both internally and externally; also because the bodywork when it is dirty and dusty could hide some scratches or imperfections. If this were the case, the seller could make a downward assessment of your used car, to protect itself from any bodywork problems that it could not see at the time.

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Find The Money to Buy a New Car? Here Are 6 Options

It is the most common form of financing and is normally offered by banks, credit institutions or finance companies. You can get a loan of this type only if you are able to demonstrate certain financial reliability and the ability to repay the debt in due time. Interest and additional costs may vary between financial institutions.

Hand signing documents

Remember that the institution will ask you to use one of the assets in your possession as a guarantee. Your assets will then be put at risk along this road.

Benefits: A loan can be obtained quite easily and the funds are made available almost immediately.

Disadvantages: risks and interests could be very high.

Request a loan from a friend or family member

Another option is to request a loan from a friend, family member or acquaintance, thus avoiding contacting a financial institution. In this case, it is very important to discuss the loan in detail and put what was agreed in writing so as to avoid future discussions.

Advantages: You do not have to undergo any financial procedure and you have the possibility to return the loan more flexible. Depending on the type of relationship that exists between you and the person offering you the loan, the interest may be very low or zero.

Disadvantages: There is a risk of endangering the family or friendship relationship.

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Purchase for purchase

This method of financing consists mainly of purchasing the vehicle in installments. By signing a contract with the dealer, you agree to redeem the car within a set period. Meanwhile, you have the right to use the vehicle by paying in installments up to covering the entire cost of the vehicle. You will be officially registered as a usufructuary, as well as responsible for insurance and maintenance, while the dealer will legally be the owner until the last installment is paid. Once paid, the machine will officially become yours.

Advantages: Dealers often offer this alternative because it is very simple and fast. Payments can be flexible and the initial payment required is not very expensive.

Disadvantages: Considering the interest, the final price you will have to pay to buy the car could be very high. Furthermore, unlike a flexible loan, you will not be able to change your car with a newer model.

A flexible loan

Some car manufacturers offer the possibility of obtaining a flexible loan. This solution is similar to the buy-to-buy, but with some differences. Unlike the previous method, when you complete the payment of the installments, you can choose whether to keep the car. You can return it or exchange it for a model of the same house by paying the difference.

People signing a loan

You could also get a discount for the purchase of a new model. This solution is normally offered for some specific models.

Advantages: At the end of the contract, you can change your mind about the car you would like to have. You have the advantage of dealing with a large car manufacturer.

Disadvantages: The terms of the contract could be less negotiable than those of a buy-in purchase.

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Tips For Buying a Used Car

Is it better to buy from a private individual or a dealer?
The first question that arises is whether it is better to buy from an individual or an authorized dealer, or a dealer. In the first case, the cost required is certainly lower but it must be remembered that there is no guarantee for the car used by a private individual. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy the car from a dealer, you are guaranteed at least one year.

The first suggestion is, therefore, to orientate oneself towards those who sell and buy cars by profession. Do not forget, finally, that if you buy a used car from a private individual, you will have to take care of the transfer of ownership directly.

Which power to choose?

The car ‘s power supply and professional and family needs are parameters that direct your choice towards certain types of car: To understand which feed is most suitable for your next used car, we advise you to read our in-depth analysis on which fuel guarantees the best savings based on individual driving habits.

How much is a used car worth?

Before completing the purchase of a used car, take a few minutes to find out about used car prices: in Italy, Quattroruote’s used car prices have been officially recognized by Istat, which included them monthly in the consumer price basket. By searching online or by consulting a trade magazine it is possible to know if a fair price has been requested, based on the model and year of registration.

The value of the car is defined by standard criteria concerning mileage, endowment and coupons performed. But how do you calculate the price of a used car? It is not easy because you have to consider equipment and especially the kilometers traveled at the same time. Secondly, the quotations take into account mechanics and fully functioning electrical and electronic components, regularly executed and documentable coupons, regularly performed revisions, bodywork and interiors in good condition and tires in good condition.

Pay attention to the mileage

One of the most important parameters to understand how much to pay for a used car is definitely the mileage. To give you an idea, Quattroruote recommends subtracting 0.3% for every 1,000 km more than the value of the standard quotation.

So, when you buy a used car, look at the mileage you have made: since the odometer may have been retouched using special software, you should observe the consumption of the pedalboard, that of the seats and that of the shift knob. In these cases consult the maintenance booklet and check when the coupons have been made can make you understand the real state of the car.

Used car, what to check

If you are not an expert, get a mechanic to check the engine for leaks, check the belts, the cooling pipes and the functions of the clutch and the braking system.

However, it may happen that the car is purchased without the proper checks and that after a short time it presents serious problems. In this case, the law provides for the right of withdrawal for the car used by the dealer. This is a guarantee of conformity that lasts 24 months, according to which the vehicle, in the event of serious anomalies, must be repaired restoring the conditions of conformity.

Visual assessment – What to check visually before buying the car:

  • Try to notice any rust or moisture damage. Make sure you also check the bottom of the car.
  • Check the correct closing of the doors, the integrity of the fender or the presence of any signs that may indicate damage to the frame.
  • Be careful that there are no dents or imperfections on the paint to indicate that the vehicle has been repainted after an accident.
  • Pay attention to possible scratches or dents.
  • If you notice any of these imperfections, try to negotiate a discount and if the seller does not want to give up the price, make sure he fixes the problems at his own expense before the change of ownership.

Mechanical verification – The mechanical parts that must be checked:

  • Make sure the coolant is clear and that the transmission fluid is not black or oily.
  • Check the oil and make sure it is not milky or foamy and that the brake fluid is not darker than the color of the tea.
  • Check that the engine does not drip liquid and check that the drive belt is not damaged.
  • Ask to be able to take a test drive with the car and have the seller guide you while you sit in the passenger seat.

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