The 8 Best Sports Cars in the World

The 8 Best Sports Cars in the World

The best sports cars come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Whatever your tastes, we are sure you can find something interesting in your favorite sports car. A sports car shows the personality of someone who is sporty and likes competition. And of course, fulfill your desire for speed and performance. Welcoming the end of 2021, here is a list of the 10 best new sports cars of the year.

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The list below does not reflect any order, as they are the best. Of course, the choice of this car is very subjective. If you have other options, please write them in the comments below.

Bugatti Chiron

This is the best sports car in the world. The Bugatti Chiron was chosen as the fastest car in the world. It is inseparable from an 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine that uses four turbochargers and can produce 1500 horsepower. The world’s fastest car is said to reach a top speed of 420 km / h and is combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that is transmitted to all four wheels. It’s no wonder that Bugati Chiron’s price reaches $ 3 million, or Rp40 billion, with advanced technology.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire became the most expensive sports car with a selling price of IDR 190.6 billion in 2019 to a Bugatti customer. If you look closely, this car seems to be inspired by the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupe Aero No. 57453 in 1936 which has the name “La Voiture Noire”. For specifications, this car has a luxurious black streamlined body. In addition, the La Voiture Noire bespoke body combines elements of carbon fiber and “Black Carbon Glossy” paint for a dramatic sensation. There are also some unique body details, such as a 3D-printed grille and six exhausts at the back. Interior matters, Bugatti La Voiture Noire no doubt. Bugatti provides Havana Brown leather wrapped with aluminum accents and rosewood switches. Bugatti La Voiture Noire is equipped with a W16 quad-turbo engine with a capacity of 7,993 cc. The engine is claimed to be able to produce 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm of torque.

McLaren 720S

McLaren 720S is a sports car or supercar with a very light body and an aerodynamic design. This car is capable of producing 720 Horsepoer power, thanks to a 4.0 Liter V8 twin-tubo engine combined with a rear-wheel drive system and a seven-speed automatic transmission. In order to get the most out of its performance, McLaren provides additional drift modes consisting of Comfort, Sport, and Track which are ready to trigger the adrenaline of the rider.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

LaFerrari Aperta successfully became a sports car with the most expensive price. It is priced at Rp. 94.14 billion. This expensive sports car is wrapped in gloss black color in all parts of the body. While on the wheel rims sport black color. On the front and rear wheel arches, there are red accents that give a dashing impression. The interior of the LaFerrari Aperta is dominated by black leather with red accents on various sides. Carbon fiber is also displayed in Gloss Black color.

Koenigsegg Regera

Speaking of the most expensive cars, Koenigsegg’s best sports cars are certainly one of them. Now, one of the most expensive is the Koenigseggera. The car is said to be able to produce over 1500 horsepower thanks to a hybrid engine that combines a 5.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine with three electric motors. Its accelerating capacity goes from 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and can reach 249 mph in 30 seconds, which is amazing.

Pagani Huayra Tricolore

The Pagani Huayra Tricolore is lined up as the most expensive luxury car in the world to be sold in 2021. This car is only sold as many as three units. This makes the price of the Pagani Huayra Tricolore car priced at US $ 6.5 million or around Rp. 92.2 billion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,194/US$). In terms of appearance, Pagani looks to adopt a Frecce Tricolori jet, namely the Aermacchi MB-339A P.A.N. One of the striking parts is the striping of the tricolore, aka the Italian flag, which is emblazoned on the side. This 1,270 kilogram car is powered by a custom-built 6.9 liter V12 twin turbo engine. This car is capable of producing power of 829 horsepower and torque of 811-lb-ft. For matters of performance, Pagani is presented with an airflow system that makes the aerodynamics of a sports car smoother and can accelerate faster.

There are many other sports cars on the market. We only choose what we think is best and what we like the most. Unfortunately, not all the best sports cars that we convey will be officially marketed in Indonesia. Some of them have to be purchased through imported luxury cars which can cost many times more. After all, not everyone can buy the car above, and it’s only a dream when it can be achieved.


Dozens of Classic Porsches Were Left Damaged by Their Owners

Porsche, this German automotive brand often presents a row of sports cars that have attractive designs. Including the Porsche 928 which is currently one of the most sought-after car models because of its classic shape.

But did you know, recently at least 13 Porsche 928 units were found abandoned and abandoned by their owners?

At least a dozen Porsche 928s were found by Facebook user Steve Rhodes, who accidentally found them while searching for a location for the Westworld television show near the old North Moorpark mine, Ventura County, California, United States (US).

“One of the friends of the (land) owner asked to keep some car. And almost never come back,” Rhodes said in his post which was also reported by Carscoops.

From a number of photos taken by Rhodes, at least the 13 cars are Porsche 928 types with 4.5 liters and 5.0-liter engines. The conditions also vary, ranging from faded paint, peeling varnish and of course all covered in dust.

He also mentioned that the relatively dry conditions in California did not prevent the body of the Porsche 988, which is made of galvanized steel and aluminum panels, from corroding.

However, it is certain that the car’s electrical system is now weak and problematic because it has long been abandoned by its owner.

Posche 928 is a Game Car

Although the 13 Porsche 928s are in a problematic condition, it seems that this will not happen if collectors know about the existence of these cars.

The reason is, if car lovers are interested in the car, then it is not impossible even though the shape is erratic, they are willing to remodel it. However, this did not happen to the 13th owner of the now-abandoned Porsche 928.

“That guy is still around here to have it, but seems to have lost interest in getting it fixed. Even I was told he (the owner) would not sell it,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes also argues, although this type of car is now being hunted by collectors, it seems that this will only be a figment. Because anyone who thinks can see or buy this car is definitely not easy. Because the area is very private.

“There is no way to get to this property area. There was only one way in and the gate was huge. They also have video cameras at the gates,” he explained.

This means that the Porsche 928s are likely to break down in time unless the owner changes his mind to repair or sell them.


10 Cars That Influenced the World Automotive Industry and Worth Buying

When it comes to world automotive history, especially four-wheelers or cars, of course, there are some of the most influential and capable of changing the world’s automotive industry such as the Ford Model T, Volkswagen Beetle, BMC or Austin Mini, and also the Jeep Willys.

However, the cars mentioned above are now over, aka no longer being produced. Even if there is a form, it is likely only in a museum or owned by a collector.

However, there are several other cars that are no less influential on the development of the world’s automotive industry and currently still have many fans because they follow automotive development trends. One of these brands can be found here by 100Ofertaers.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you wants to own one of these cars.

Here’s the list:

1. Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is a car that was born in the sports car class since 1960. Well, the Porsche 911 car to this day maintains its DNA as a sports car.

2. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla may be one of the best-selling cars in the universe. The car, which was born in 1966, has sold more than 40 million units and is traded in 150 countries. Even recently, Toyota developed the Corolla with an SUV design.

3. Audi TT

The Audi TT, a German car that was produced around 1998, was inspired by the design of the Bauhaus (a school of art and design in Germany) which made people fall in love for the first time.

Yes, since this car is shown a modern design. As is the case in the music world, where The Beatles, Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin were able to influence music for decades. Likewise with the Audi TT.

4. Toyota RAV4

Many crossover-style cars appeared, but the RAV4 became history because this car combines the practicality of an everyday car and also the off-road capabilities of an SUV. Fact that is happening today, the RAV4 is one of the best-selling cars in America.

5. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang, this muscular car is unquestionably great. Even since its presence in 1965, in the first year, the Mustang was sold, 400,000 units. The car with the horse logo is also considered to be an affordable sports coupe and the largest population in history.

6. Land Rover Range Rover

If you’re currently driving a nice and comfortable SUV, then 100Ofertaers has Land Rover to thank. Because, this car was originally used by farmers in England, but as many skippers in urban areas chose the Range Rover as a means of transportation, Land Rover made this generation of cars a more comfortable and luxurious vehicle. This is also the beginning of comfortable and luxurious SUVs around the world.

7. Lexus LS

When it comes to premium European cars, not a few people ask which car is the most wanted? Maybe the answer is a BMW 7 Series or a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It’s just that this car is still considered quite expensive.

But in the ’90s the Lexus LS appeared. This car is an alternative in the middle of luxury cars made in Germany. Even LS is considered easier to maintain and the price is not too expensive.

The appearance of the Lexus LS made several other cars appear such as the Chevrolet K900 and Genesis G80.

8. MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper may be a very small car. However, the MINI Cooper, a car aimed at young people is considered an inspiring vehicle for retro style, fun, attractive, and of course still looks stylish.

9. Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius first appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995. Two years later, the Toyota Prius finally became the first hybrid car to be mass-sold.

The existence of the Toyota Prius with hybrid technology has also become a pioneer and the emergence of other hybrid cars.

10. Tesla Model S

When people know about the emergence of electric cars, it turns out that the enthusiasm is not so positive. But the signs that electric cars are getting more and more favored are none other than the presence of the Tesla Model S.

However, Elon Musk, who became the Co-Founder of Tesla cars, seems to be very right, when he offers that artificial electric vehicles are not only sophisticated but also have affordable prices. Not only the Tesla Model S, this car brand from the United States also presents the Tesla Roadster, then the Tesla Model X.

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Turn a blind eye to electric cars, Toyota car boycott emerges in the United States

The Toyota car boycott movement or action emerged in the United States because it was considered to be deliberately slowing the progress and production of electric cars. According to Electric, the boycott was initiated by the founder of the Plug-In America Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Paul Scott.

Honda Bz4X the one and only electric car from Honda

In this action, Paul Scott asked all Americans to stop buying Toyota cars. This was requested because Toyota seemed to deliberately suppress the acceleration of electric cars in Uncle Sam’s country. Not only from internal policies, but Toyota has also slowed down by conducting special lobbying with the United States government regarding electric cars.

“Toyota deserves a boycott because they still want us to depend on gasoline,” said Paul Scott.

Paul Scott is not alone, recently as many as 15 NGOs concerned with the environment asked to meet with Toyota North America President and CEO Tetsuo Ogawa. They wanted to confirm Toyota’s turning a blind eye to the development of pure electric cars. In addition, they want to confirm steps Toyota has lobbied the United States government to reduce the incentives given to electric cars.

“Their move to the government actually makes us move away from the vision to create a better environment. We want Toyota to provide full support and policies for pure electric cars,” he explained.

Currently, Toyota seems to be holding back in the production of electric cars. When world car companies are competing to make electric cars, Toyota is even more focused on making hybrid cars that still depend on gasoline. Currently, they only have one electric car, the Toyota BZ4X. It’s still in concept form. The only electric car that they made in production was actually present under another name, namely the Lexus UX300e.

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Goodbye Bumblebee a.k.a Chevrolet Camaro, Production of Camaro is discontinued in 2024

General Motors (GM) will stop production of the Chevrolet Camaro in 2024. This production stoppage is actually a year earlier considering the previous news. What is certain according to Automotive News, the car known as the Bumblebee will stop in the seventh generation. This cessation of production automatically has an impact on the cessation of production of the Chevrolet Camaro at its factory in Lansing, Michigan, United States.

General Motors itself will replace the United States muscle car with an electric sports sedan. It’s just that it is not certain whether the electric sports car will be named the Chevrolet Camaro or not. The plan is that the electric sports sedan will be launched in 2025.

Camaro Replacement Car

Unfortunately, General Motors is still tightly closing the details of the replacement car for the Chevr by Camaro. Caradvice site mentions most likely the electric sports sedan will use the latest battery made by General Motors, Ultium. In addition, the car will be given a choice of two wheel drive systems, namely rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The choice of two-wheel drive is believed to be able to provide a sporty driving experience.

The euthanasia of the Chevrolet Camaro is known to have occurred because of General Motors’ all-out plan towards electrification. The car company, led by Mary Barra, has poured huge funds, USD37 billion or equivalent to Rp529.7 trillion to produce various types of new electric cars.

It’s just that the plan automatically takes the victims of existing conventional cars. Apart from the Chevrolet Camaro, which will be euthanized, other Chevrolet cars that will experience the same thing are the Chevrolet Spark city car and the Chevrolet Malibu sedan.

The cessation of production also makes the Chevrolet Corvette the only sports car in the Chevrolet body. The Chevrolet Corvette itself is certainly still breathing. Because General Motors will present a hybrid Chevrolet Corvette in 2023.

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List of 25 Best Selling Cars of 2020 in the United States

2020 has been completed, a number of car manufacturers in the United States (US) have reported their sales performance throughout the last year. Many manufacturers complain that 2020 will be a tough year for the automotive industry.

At the beginning of the year, the movement of car sales went well. However, once the coronavirus (Covid-19) broke out in the US in the middle of the year, making car sales were battered. Although the situation at the end of the year began to show improvement.

Despite falling sales, there are several car models that actually recorded positive results compared to the previous year.

Car and Driver have calculated the sales figures for each car model from various brands. His party made a list of the 25 best-selling cars in the US throughout 2020.

List of 2020 Best Selling Cars in the US from Bottom:

  1. Toyota 4Runner 129,052 units (2% down compared to 2019)
  2. Ford Transit 131,556 units (down 15% compared to 2019)
  3. Jeep Cherokee 135,855 units (down 29% compared to 2019)
  4. Nissan Altima 137,988 units (down 34% compared to 2019)
  5. Mazda CX-5 146,420 units (down 5.3% compared to 2019)
  6. Subaru Outback 153,294 units (down 15% compared to 2019)
  7. Subaru Forester 176,996 units (down 2% compared to 2019)
  8. Ford Escape 178,496 units (down 26% compared to 2019)
  9. Honda Accord 199,458 units (down 26% compared to 2019)
  10. Jeep Wrangler 201,311 units (down 12% compared to 2019)
  11. Jeep Grand Cherokee 209,786 units (down 14% compared to 2019)
  12. Toyota Highlander 212,276 units (down 11% compared to 2019)
  13. Ford Explorer 226,217 units (up 21% compared to 2019)
  14. Nissan Rogue 227,935 units (down 35% compared to 2019)
  15. Toyota Corolla 237,178 units (down 22% compared to 2019)
  16. Toyota Tacoma 238,806 units (down 4% compared to 2019)
  17. GMC Sierra 253,016 units (9% up from 2019)
  18. Honda Civic 261,225 units (down 20% compared to 2019)
  19. Chevrolet Equinox 270,994 units (down 22% compared to 2019)
  20. Toyota Camry 294,348 units (down 13% compared to 2019)
  21. Honda CR-V 333,502 units (down 13% compared to 2019)
  22. Toyota RAV4 430,387 units (down 4% compared to 2019)
  23. Ram pick-up trucks 563,676 units (down 11% compared to 2019)
  24. Chevrolet Silverado 586,675 units (up 3.2% compared to 2019)
  25. Ford F-Series 787,422 units (down 12% compared to 2019).

Popular US Pickup Trucks

The Ford F-Series is the best-selling car in the United States. This is reasonable considering that the pickup truck was very popular there for 44 years. In addition to pickup trucks, SUVs and crossover types also have many fans, this can be seen from the list above. Where SUVs and crossovers dominate.

The mid-size sedan still has the appeal of the Civic, Altima, and Corolla. Likewise, large sedans such as the Accord and Camry, still have fans.

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Know the Benefits of Tune Up Cars for Better Performance

Car mechanic working in auto repair service.

Not only regular service, the car also needs a tune up. There are many benefits of car tune-up that you can feel to increase safety and driving comfort. Starting from maintaining engine performance, extending the life of components, and others.

Let’s look at the benefits of a car tune-up, the cost, the difference between a regular tune-up and service, and also when is the right time for a tune-up.

Benefits of Routinely Tune Up Cars

Tune up is often considered trivial when the car still feels comfortable to use. As a result, you may forget to tune up for years. In fact, a number of the benefits of a tune up below are very important for your car, you know.

  1. Optimized engine performance
    As we know that a car that is used continuously will reduce its performance. In fact, maintaining engine performance is very important. Performing regular tune-ups not only maintains the performance of the car’s engine but also increases the power produced. The main thing when doing a car tune-up is checking the engine.
    Examples of engine parts are checking engine oil, transmission oil, axle oil, and other fluids. When mechanics focus on checking this machine, the process is carried out optimally. The benefits of a car tune-up can be felt when driving on any terrain that can be passed comfortably.
  1. Ensure the function of air filter and valve clearance
    In addition to engine components, air filter components are also the focus when doing tune up. When tune up, the air filter will be cleaned. The reason is that the problematic air filter will also affect the engine performance.
    In addition to checking the function of the air filter, during a tune-up, you will also check the spark plug wire gap and valve gap. The spark plug gap is usually dirty and a dirty spark plug gap will interfere with the amount of fire that comes out. In addition, the interaction of spark plugs and compression pressure can also change the spark plug gap. In addition, the valve clearance also needs to be checked and reset according to standards.
  1. Maintain component performance
    If above we discussed the overall engine performance, the benefit of the next car tune up is to maintain the performance of the components. Because when doing a tune up every component will be seen and checked in detail. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the components work stable and function properly. So that driving becomes safer and of course comfortable.
  1. Avoid further damage
    By maintaining and ensuring the components of the car engine, damage can be avoided from the start. Components that are damaged and not repaired immediately because they are not caught will make the damage worse.
    So, if you feel there is a problem with the components or not, you still need to do a tune up. If you feel a problem with the car engine, you can explain it to the repair shop so that the repair shop immediately checks the condition according to the symptoms you describe.
  1. Save maintenance costs
    When there are components that are badly damaged and must be replaced, of course the costs incurred will be greater as well. Therefore, one of the benefits of a tune up is to minimize maintenance costs because damaged components are immediately detected.
  1. Extend the life of the car
    The benefit of the next car tune up is to extend the life of the car. A well-functioning component and a well-maintained car engine is the best combination to extend the life of a car. Cars that are diligently cared for and tuned up will feel new and powerful.
  1. Increase comfort while driving
    If the condition of the car is good, of course we will feel safe and comfortable when driving. Especially if you plan to travel long distances. Vehicle safety and comfort are number one. Therefore, don’t miss the tune-up time.

That’s 7 benefits of car tune-up if done regularly.

Difference between Tune Up and Periodic Service

Hands of car mechanic in auto repair service.

So, what is the difference between tune up and regular periodic service?
Many assume that tune up is the same as regular service. In fact, the goals are different and the actions taken by the mechanics of the workshop are also different. Tune-up is indeed done at the same time as performing routine services. But the variety of work performed is more complex and thorough.

The components that are checked during the tune up include the air filter, throttle body, spark plugs, battery, fan belt, brake lining, and cleaning the combustion chamber. Meanwhile, during service, they usually only check the air filter, injection system, car fluid, and check the brakes. It’s not even checked if you don’t ask the mechanic for it.

When the tune up and the repair shop find a problem with the component and it needs to be replaced, it is possible that the component must also be replaced. Therefore, because many components are inspected plus component replacement, the costs required during tune ups can also be greater.

When is the Right Time to Tune Up a Car?

Tune up can be done in conjunction with routine car service. Usually at the time of 5,000-6,000 km. But to maximize the benefits of car tune-up, you can do it every 3 months.

4 Most Expensive Antique Cars in the World

4 Most Expensive Antique Cars in the World

Current car consumer behavior is strange! Yep, because a lot of things done were deemed unnatural. Especially if it’s not a matter of buying and selling antique cars, usually a car is sold at a high price when it is at auction.

With the exorbitant price of an antique car, don’t you think about the buyer first? What is not better used to buy the latest sports car that is supported by advanced technology. If used, driving is also comfortable and safe. Different again with antique cars, care must be extra, not to mention if damaged. Repairing it is also very complicated. The components are gone. Antique cars used daily driving also does not guarantee it will reach the destination or not.

Antique car buyers are usually not interested in engine performance or specifications. What is sought is the historical value attached to the antique car. Sometimes spending a lot of money to buy an antique dream car will be done.

Most cars that are sold at fantastic prices are antique cars that have high historical value. Many antique cars from several well-known manufacturers are already sold at exorbitant prices, including Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and Aston Martin. Well, curious about the antique car that bears the title of the most expensive antique car in the world? Check out the review below!

Ferrari 335S Spider

Ferrari 335S Spider

The next antique car is still from the Ferrari manufacturer, the Ferrari 335S Spider antique car. First produced in 1957 and used to drive the first time by Peter Collins and Maurice Trintignant.

Also, be aware that the Ferrari 335S Spider antique car sold for $ 35,712,945. If you look at its history, this antique car deserves to be valued at such a price. Because the antique car Ferrari 335S Spider has repeatedly been used for racing competitions, racing events that have been followed by antique 335S Spider cars include the 1958 World F1 Champ, the Swedish Grand Prix, the 1957 Venezuelan Grand Prix and the Cuba Grand Prix.

The antique Ferrari 335S Spider was also used by racing legend Sir Stirling Moss in the Cuba Grand Prix race and won. The record time of this antique car is 200 km/hour.


Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Spider

This is an antique car model that is indeed classic. Because the design is fairly ancient, which in ancient times was identical to the soaring design, if Otolovers likes to see movies with a background of old times, surely remember this antique car. If you look around, this antique car has a design similar to the golden train in the palace of Yogyakarta.

The Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Spider antique car was once sold at an antique car price of $ 19,800,000.

Ferrari 250 GT California Spider

Ferrari 250 GT California Spider

The next antique car is the antique Ferrari 250 GT California Spider. This is a legendary car ever produced by Ferrari. Even the design itself seems luxurious though this antique car began to be produced in the 60s.

The Ferrari brand has never been doubted in racing cars and luxury cars for a long time. Because it was quite famous in its time, this antique car also still sold $ 18,465,733. By selling an antique car for that size, it’s quite reasonable because the history in this car is also quite a lot.


Ferrari 250 GTO

The most expensive antique car that first carried by the Ferrari 250 GTO antique car. This Italian manufacturer designs a Ferrari 250 GTO with a sports style or racing car. Because of this appearance, this antique car is still often used to cross the racing circuit, limited to a test drive. This antique car sold for $ 38,115,000.

That kind of money is used to buy antique cars. This must be the one who bought too rich. If Otolovers has that kind of money, what do you want to use?

Celebrities caught using Luxury Car Loan Results

Celebrities caught using Luxury Car Loan Results

The lifestyle of celebrities does seem very luxurious. The money they made seemed able to meet all those luxury needs.

You name it, luxury homes, clothes with super duper expensive prices, expensive bags, expensive shoes, plastic surgery, expensive food, and not to miss a luxury car.

Especially Hollywood celebrities whose names are known in almost all countries. They often come up with things that make their fans believe that they are theirs. But famous people did not always have what he was wearing at the time.

According to Motorious, several Hollywood celebrities seem to have luxury cars. But then it was discovered that the vehicles were only rental cars or loan proceeds. Who are they? Here’s the list:

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent had experienced financial difficulties several years ago. But then people felt it was just gibberish. How not, in the MTV Cribs show, 50 Cent showed a collection of Ferrari cars at his home.

Among them are the Ferrari Enzo, the Ferrari F50, and the Ferrari 599 GTB. He looks very reliable, managing his finances to own a line of expensive and expensive cars.

But then, people were shocked again because the cars didn’t belong to 50 Cent. The Italian manufacturer’s car was owned by a collector in Connecticut borrowed by 50 Cent.

Lindsay Lohan

Although they do not live in America, there are many Indonesians who follow the development of Hollywood entertainment. The name Lindsay Lohan is certainly familiar. The actress tripped the case several times.

One memorable case was the accident he experienced on the Pacific Coast Highway around 2012. The accident made the Porsche 911 he was driving damaged because it collided with an 18-wheel vehicle.

When detailed information about the accident spread, it was discovered that the Porsche 911 was a rental car. A truck driver later sued Lohan, and he was claimed to be holding a bottle filled with water that smelled like liquor.

Nicky Minaj

Eccentric and controversial musician, Nicky Minaj is also on this list. In 2010, he was also caught renting Lamborghini Murcielago. The hot-pink supercar drew a lot of attention and made fans believe the car belonged to the singer, even though Minaj didn’t say it directly.

It is the only property owned by one of the car rental companies in Las Vegas. Then the company sued Minaj because he did not pay rent for three days and damaged the Lamborghini.

Justin Bieber

No less controversial, Justin Bieber has also been caught using people’s cars. The police had caught the Canadian musician for driving a car in a drunken condition (DUI) in Miami.

Police then seized the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder driven by Bieber. But the supercar was not his, but the rental car.


Another rapper who was found to be not as rich as actually was Birdman. At that time, he also showed something interesting in the MTV Cribs program.

Birdman showed his Rolls-Royce Phantom. But then it was discovered that the car was not his.

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Tips for Success in Opening and Developing a Car Showroom Business

Work competition in this dynamic era is getting tougher. We as sophisticated society are required to be more creative from day to day when we want to win and survive in competition. Every day, it is not uncommon for people to successfully create new market opportunities and kidnap consumers in market share with the red sea strategy.

Work is not just a matter of serving the company. If we are tired of being an employee who is shackled by rules and cannot freely explore your potential and excellence, the answer is to immediately move into an entrepreneur and enforce your own business as you wish. One of my friend successfully open a sports betting agen bola sbobet in his area, although only locals who play but the revenue is quite good and when working as a passion, it will return something good both in money and heart.

Setting up your own business is an alternative activity that is starting to be glimpsed at this time, especially for those who might feel bored and tired of the constraints of work rules. If you are still confused about what business you want to start, try to follow our car showroom business tips.

Expand Relations Network

For business, relationships can be the key to success. The wider relations we have, the easier it will be to get core people in the car showroom business: suppliers and buyers. Not only establishing relationships with individuals, developing good relationships with financial companies and banks. Both are very close to the car showroom business.

If you already have a relationship with a finance company that has not a few branches to remote areas. Establish good cooperation. When you can show qualified business skills, they also will not hesitate to hand over bonuses in various formats to you.

Enrich Information Regarding Used Cars that will be sold

What is the importance of understanding information about used cars that will be sold? Relationship with consumers! It could be that one day it will catch up with consumers who only once will make a car purchase and need a reference about what is the right car.

Our ability to declare used car products marketed is added when it can provide advice and tricks for consumers will be able to bear sweet fruit with the potential for free promotion in the format of good impressions spread by word of mouth. At this rate, the allocation of funds to advertise business can also be suppressed.

Try to Get Products from the First Hand

Of course, when getting a used car is not from the first hand, we can not expect too little profit from the business that is run. From here, it begins to appear the importance of having broad relations.

Always Maintain and Improve Quality

Promotion can attract new customers to visit your business. However, it is quality that escorts consumers not to turn to competitors and remain loyal. In selling used car products like this, it’s good if we do not accept all used cars that will be marketed again.

Pay attention to the quality of the product. This is classified as the type and brand of cars that are favored by the target market. Never lie to consumers. Tell the product situation as it is but emphasize the strength it has so that consumers want to consider buying it. You can follow promotion strategy from the biggest poker platform in Asia which is IDN Poker, for only 5 years they already number one in the market of South-East Asia especially Indonesia. They open for collaboration with any site owner to promote their platform and the agent will get commission every time their members play poker.

Smart Promotions

As among the critical aspects of a business, promotion strategies must be implemented intelligently. Maybe classified ads in newspapers are still of interest, but why not try to get closer to consumers?

The use of social media when this becomes a fairly useful tip for working on smart promotion: to target consumers and low-cost. For what is still maintaining and more burdensome promotion with old techniques when new techniques can be more profitable?

Providing Adequate Showroom Space with Strategic Location

Provide adequate showroom and of course, be in a strategic place to better satisfy consumer buying desires. No need to look for a broad place but make sure the area is easy to reach and crowded people are passing by. Then design a neat and bright showroom so that it attracts buyers. Make sure the condition of the showroom is maintained, cleanliness and neatness, do not look untreated because this can reduce the value and purchasing power of consumers.

Persistent and Innovative

The key to the success of a business lies in the persistence of all business people who continuously innovate. Besides, intelligence is also needed to remain able to win the market and survive in the competition. The application of business techniques that are appropriate and sensitive to the market is a combination of intelligence that must be carried out to win even though it is known as a new player in the business.


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