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SHITET PORTALI 100oferta.com

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For sale 100oferta.com through the bidding process

  • Rrethi: Tiranë
  • Kontakt: info@100oferta.com
  • Postuar në: 03/09/2017 10:04
  • Skadon për: 17 ditë, 23 orë


100oferta.com is the most successful portal for the publication of market offers in Albania. Since February 8, 2012, 100oferta.com has gained the confidence of all major market players, recognizing a steady and secure increase from year to year. The reputation and good name of 100oferta.com, already known by all Albanians, has made it not a usual web site but a necessary one. By fulfilling every day the bidding requirements from all market categories, 100oferta managed to turn into the best collaborator for hundreds of real estate agents, car dealers, companies and businesses and thousands of citizens.

  • The full sale of 100oferta contains:
  • Domain 100oferta.com
  • The actual contents of the website
  • Social networking pages and profiles:
    • Facebook page – 85580 fans
    • Twitter profiles – 2215 followers
    • Linkedin profile – 1735 links
  • Mobile number 0686060100 for user contacts and accounts at Viber, Whatsapp


 100oferta.com is proud of its success stories:

  • 54 bids were declared successful within 1 month
  • The fastest sale took place for a VW Golf 4 type, just within 8 hours
  • The largest volume of sales within one day has reached € 1,274,500 of the seven declared bids sold (3 apartments, 1 business environment, 2 cars, 1 phone).
  • The largest number of calls that a single day salesman received was 35
  • The largest number of bidders published online: 680 valid bids (real estate agency)
  • During last 5 years (February 8, 2012 – 2017), 100oferta has published more than 150,000 offers from about 11,000 posters, which have been read altogether 12 million times.
  • The biggest traffic day was December 5, 2016, with about 60,000 offers readings.


Some data for 100oferta.com:

If you wish to express your interest, please initially send an email to info@100oferta.com to receive the full form of instructions and more detailed information for 100oferta.com until 10.10.2017 (please avoid questions that are not related to the tendering process).

You can then receive an offer invitation with full instructions. The offer must be sent no later than 10 days after receipt of the invitation.

Bids review will take place until 31.10.2017.

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