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Newly Launched, KIA EV6 Immediately Beats Ferrari et al in the Drag Race Test

KIA has just released its newest electric car, the EV6. This car immediately defeated several of its opponents such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz, in drag racing, aka straight track racing.

The South Korean automotive company released the latest electric car KIA EV6. Not only creating environmentally-friendly vehicles, but KIA also builds an electric vehicle that has high performance. This high-performance version is named as KIA EV6 GT.

As an illustration, the KIA EV6 GT uses a pair of 77.4 kWh electric motors, which can produce a peak power of around 577 hp and 740 Nm of torque. On paper, this electric car can reach speeds of 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 3.5 seconds or faster than the Porsche Taycan 4S.

To test the performance of the electric engine, the KIA EV6 GT conducted a drag race with a distance of about 400 meters. The EV6 GT competes with well-known brands in the sportscar world such as the Lamborghini Urus SUV, Ferrari California, Porsche 911, Mercedes-AMG GT, and McLaren 570S.

When the race started, it was seen that the KIA EV6 GT could be faster than its opponent thanks to the instant torque of an electric car. Until it reaches the finish line, EV6 GT opponents such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes-AMG are left behind. But in the end, the one who managed to touch the finish line first was the McLaren 570S.

Seeing this performance, of course, can be a signal for well-known European sports car brands to be more alert to Asian automotive brands that are starting to show significant developments in the sports car world.

For information, the KIA EV6 went on sale in several countries this year. In the UK, this car starts at £40,895 (Rp 820.2 million) for the base variant, and if you want to have a GT type you have to pay an extra £58,295 (Rp 1.169 billion).

For an electric car, it can be said that it is expensive, but there was a gambler who bought it immediately when the car was first released. From the news circulating, the person immediately came to the KIA showroom to book the car.

After being investigated, it turned out that the person had won the jackpot several times from playing online soccer gambling. The guy was playing on a platform called Sbobet, which offers various types of games. If you are interested and in a need of good sites, this might be the best option you could get for now. One of their branch sites that resides in Indonesia, called Yukbola, offers various good promotions that can be claimed daily. Go get them!

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Turn a blind eye to electric cars, Toyota car boycott emerges in the United States

The Toyota car boycott movement or action emerged in the United States because it was considered to be deliberately slowing the progress and production of electric cars. According to Electric, the boycott was initiated by the founder of the Plug-In America Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Paul Scott.

Honda Bz4X the one and only electric car from Honda

In this action, Paul Scott asked all Americans to stop buying Toyota cars. This was requested because Toyota seemed to deliberately suppress the acceleration of electric cars in Uncle Sam’s country. Not only from internal policies, but Toyota has also slowed down by conducting special lobbying with the United States government regarding electric cars.

“Toyota deserves a boycott because they still want us to depend on gasoline,” said Paul Scott.

Paul Scott is not alone, recently as many as 15 NGOs concerned with the environment asked to meet with Toyota North America President and CEO Tetsuo Ogawa. They wanted to confirm Toyota’s turning a blind eye to the development of pure electric cars. In addition, they want to confirm steps Toyota has lobbied the United States government to reduce the incentives given to electric cars.

“Their move to the government actually makes us move away from the vision to create a better environment. We want Toyota to provide full support and policies for pure electric cars,” he explained.

Currently, Toyota seems to be holding back in the production of electric cars. When world car companies are competing to make electric cars, Toyota is even more focused on making hybrid cars that still depend on gasoline. Currently, they only have one electric car, the Toyota BZ4X. It’s still in concept form. The only electric car that they made in production was actually present under another name, namely the Lexus UX300e.

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Goodbye Bumblebee a.k.a Chevrolet Camaro, Production of Camaro is discontinued in 2024

General Motors (GM) will stop production of the Chevrolet Camaro in 2024. This production stoppage is actually a year earlier considering the previous news. What is certain according to Automotive News, the car known as the Bumblebee will stop in the seventh generation. This cessation of production automatically has an impact on the cessation of production of the Chevrolet Camaro at its factory in Lansing, Michigan, United States.

General Motors itself will replace the United States muscle car with an electric sports sedan. It’s just that it is not certain whether the electric sports car will be named the Chevrolet Camaro or not. The plan is that the electric sports sedan will be launched in 2025.

Camaro Replacement Car

Unfortunately, General Motors is still tightly closing the details of the replacement car for the Chevr by Camaro. Caradvice site mentions most likely the electric sports sedan will use the latest battery made by General Motors, Ultium. In addition, the car will be given a choice of two wheel drive systems, namely rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The choice of two-wheel drive is believed to be able to provide a sporty driving experience.

The euthanasia of the Chevrolet Camaro is known to have occurred because of General Motors’ all-out plan towards electrification. The car company, led by Mary Barra, has poured huge funds, USD37 billion or equivalent to Rp529.7 trillion to produce various types of new electric cars.

It’s just that the plan automatically takes the victims of existing conventional cars. Apart from the Chevrolet Camaro, which will be euthanized, other Chevrolet cars that will experience the same thing are the Chevrolet Spark city car and the Chevrolet Malibu sedan.

The cessation of production also makes the Chevrolet Corvette the only sports car in the Chevrolet body. The Chevrolet Corvette itself is certainly still breathing. Because General Motors will present a hybrid Chevrolet Corvette in 2023.


Car ECU Components, and Explanation

Modern cars with the latest technology already use the ECU or Electronic Control Unit. This car ECU component is very useful for four-wheeled vehicles that already use injection technology. However, the actual ECU is not a new technology.

Let’s look at the function of the ECU on the car, the type of ECU, the cause of the damaged ECU and how to fix it, as well as the price of the car ECU.

ECU Function on Car

The function of the car ECU component is as the main electronic circuit system to control other parts. The ECU can affect the car, some of which are as below:

  • Mixing fuels easily and precisely
    For the car to run, the fuel must be mixed with air. This car’s ECU components can mix it properly because the system is already computerized. Before using the ECU, fuel mixing, engine rotation speed, and ignition timing are done mechanically. The ECU makes this process easier.
  • More precise fuel supply
    The fuel used during the combustion process must also be appropriate. The ECU that already uses a computer program can access the data so that the movement of the engine according to the needs of the fuel dose.
  • Determine the fuel injection duration
    In addition to the number, the ECU also serves to determine the duration of fuel injection. So that the injector can supply fuel at the most appropriate time. The combustion process becomes optimal.
  • Setting up other systems
    In addition to the car’s combustion system, using the ECU can also regulate other systems such as the engine cooling fan, turning on the car alarm, identifying car keys, car air conditioning, and other functions.
  • Indicates component damage
  • With the ECU component, the car can also detect component damage, and then the damage is displayed on the dashboard. So the driver does not need to check the components too often.

Car ECU Component Type

ECU turns out to have at least 7 types, including TCM, ECM, BCM, and others. What do all these types mean?

  1. TCM (Transmission Control Module)
    This TCM is a module in cars with automatic transmissions. The function of this module is to adjust the transmission shift according to engine RPM and driving conditions.
  2. ECM (Engine Control Module)
    This type of ECU regulates engine work. The engine work starts from starting, turning on the spark plugs, supplying fuel, to the engine cooling process.
  3. BCM (Body Control Module)
    This car ECU component regulates the work of the car’s electrical system. Among them are lights, wipers, horns, to entertainment features in the car cabin on the dashboard.
  4. PCM (Powertrain Control Module)
    As the name suggests, this module regulates the performance of the power train. So that the flow of power from the engine to the wheels runs efficiently. This module is found on cars with four-wheel drive or four-wheel drive
  5. ABS Control Module
    This module is used in cars with brake systems that have ABS technology. This module plays a role so that the tires do not slip and regulate braking when driving on slippery roads. It can be said to also play a role in safety systems such as ESC (Electronic Stability System) and HSA (Hill Start Assist).
  6. HVAC Control Module
    This ECU module plays a role in controlling the circulation in the car cabin according to the weather conditions outside. This module is found in cars with automatic air conditioning systems.
  7. Airbag Control Module
    The last is the ECU module to develop airbags (airbags) when there is a hard impact on the car.

Causes and Characteristics of a Damaged Car ECU

Car ECU components can be damaged, just like any other car component. When the car’s ECU is damaged, it will be very troublesome. This damage generally occurs due to several things, for example, the long-distance traveled and the old age of the vehicle. Injection cars aged 10 years and over are usually susceptible to this damage.

Some of the characteristics below you can feel when the ECU component is damaged. If you feel or find the signs below, you should check at the nearest repair shop.

  1. Difficulty starting the car.
  2. The use of fuel becomes wasteful even though the distance is not too far.
  3. The engine often stalls when the car is moving.
  4. Engine power feels reduced and heavy when driving.
  5. The check engine light on the dashboard continues to light up. It could also be that the lights go out completely.

How to Repair ECU

Before taking the car to the repair shop, you should know what the repair shop mechanic will do for repairs when the car’s ECU is damaged. So you can discuss with the technician when doing their job.

First, the mechanic will check the PCB path. whether the line is exposed to liquid or there are broken parts. Second, the electronic components on the car’s legs will be checked. Then the third, the Elco (electrolyte capacitor or electrolytic capacitor) of the car will be replaced with Farad (unit of electrical capacitance) and the same voltage.

If necessary, a physical inspection will be carried out to determine the location of the damage as a whole. In addition, maybe the car will also be dismantled so that the components in the car can be checked with a multitester.

Car ECU Price

What if it turns out that the car’s ECU cannot be repaired? The solution is to replace the car’s ECU as a whole. Car ECU components have a price of around IDR 1 million and above. This price depends on the type of car and its quality.

There are also used or removed ECUs from other cars. The price can be cheaper if you use a used ECU. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, the price is also influenced by the sophistication and type of car. European cars usually have a higher ECU price than Japanese cars.

For example, the ECU price for the Toyota Avanza is only Rp. 2 million, while for the Camry it can be Rp. 4 million. ECU prices for European cars can be much more expensive, up to IDR 30 million. This includes coding services.

Therefore, you need to carry out regular car maintenance so that you can detect early if there is damage to the car’s ECU components.

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List of 25 Best Selling Cars of 2020 in the United States

2020 has been completed, a number of car manufacturers in the United States (US) have reported their sales performance throughout the last year. Many manufacturers complain that 2020 will be a tough year for the automotive industry.

At the beginning of the year, the movement of car sales went well. However, once the coronavirus (Covid-19) broke out in the US in the middle of the year, making car sales were battered. Although the situation at the end of the year began to show improvement.

Despite falling sales, there are several car models that actually recorded positive results compared to the previous year.

Car and Driver have calculated the sales figures for each car model from various brands. His party made a list of the 25 best-selling cars in the US throughout 2020.

List of 2020 Best Selling Cars in the US from Bottom:

  1. Toyota 4Runner 129,052 units (2% down compared to 2019)
  2. Ford Transit 131,556 units (down 15% compared to 2019)
  3. Jeep Cherokee 135,855 units (down 29% compared to 2019)
  4. Nissan Altima 137,988 units (down 34% compared to 2019)
  5. Mazda CX-5 146,420 units (down 5.3% compared to 2019)
  6. Subaru Outback 153,294 units (down 15% compared to 2019)
  7. Subaru Forester 176,996 units (down 2% compared to 2019)
  8. Ford Escape 178,496 units (down 26% compared to 2019)
  9. Honda Accord 199,458 units (down 26% compared to 2019)
  10. Jeep Wrangler 201,311 units (down 12% compared to 2019)
  11. Jeep Grand Cherokee 209,786 units (down 14% compared to 2019)
  12. Toyota Highlander 212,276 units (down 11% compared to 2019)
  13. Ford Explorer 226,217 units (up 21% compared to 2019)
  14. Nissan Rogue 227,935 units (down 35% compared to 2019)
  15. Toyota Corolla 237,178 units (down 22% compared to 2019)
  16. Toyota Tacoma 238,806 units (down 4% compared to 2019)
  17. GMC Sierra 253,016 units (9% up from 2019)
  18. Honda Civic 261,225 units (down 20% compared to 2019)
  19. Chevrolet Equinox 270,994 units (down 22% compared to 2019)
  20. Toyota Camry 294,348 units (down 13% compared to 2019)
  21. Honda CR-V 333,502 units (down 13% compared to 2019)
  22. Toyota RAV4 430,387 units (down 4% compared to 2019)
  23. Ram pick-up trucks 563,676 units (down 11% compared to 2019)
  24. Chevrolet Silverado 586,675 units (up 3.2% compared to 2019)
  25. Ford F-Series 787,422 units (down 12% compared to 2019).

Popular US Pickup Trucks

The Ford F-Series is the best-selling car in the United States. This is reasonable considering that the pickup truck was very popular there for 44 years. In addition to pickup trucks, SUVs and crossover types also have many fans, this can be seen from the list above. Where SUVs and crossovers dominate.

The mid-size sedan still has the appeal of the Civic, Altima, and Corolla. Likewise, large sedans such as the Accord and Camry, still have fans.

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Know the Benefits of Tune Up Cars for Better Performance

Car mechanic working in auto repair service.

Not only regular service, the car also needs a tune up. There are many benefits of car tune-up that you can feel to increase safety and driving comfort. Starting from maintaining engine performance, extending the life of components, and others.

Let’s look at the benefits of a car tune-up, the cost, the difference between a regular tune-up and service, and also when is the right time for a tune-up.

Benefits of Routinely Tune Up Cars

Tune up is often considered trivial when the car still feels comfortable to use. As a result, you may forget to tune up for years. In fact, a number of the benefits of a tune up below are very important for your car, you know.

  1. Optimized engine performance
    As we know that a car that is used continuously will reduce its performance. In fact, maintaining engine performance is very important. Performing regular tune-ups not only maintains the performance of the car’s engine but also increases the power produced. The main thing when doing a car tune-up is checking the engine.
    Examples of engine parts are checking engine oil, transmission oil, axle oil, and other fluids. When mechanics focus on checking this machine, the process is carried out optimally. The benefits of a car tune-up can be felt when driving on any terrain that can be passed comfortably.
  1. Ensure the function of air filter and valve clearance
    In addition to engine components, air filter components are also the focus when doing tune up. When tune up, the air filter will be cleaned. The reason is that the problematic air filter will also affect the engine performance.
    In addition to checking the function of the air filter, during a tune-up, you will also check the spark plug wire gap and valve gap. The spark plug gap is usually dirty and a dirty spark plug gap will interfere with the amount of fire that comes out. In addition, the interaction of spark plugs and compression pressure can also change the spark plug gap. In addition, the valve clearance also needs to be checked and reset according to standards.
  1. Maintain component performance
    If above we discussed the overall engine performance, the benefit of the next car tune up is to maintain the performance of the components. Because when doing a tune up every component will be seen and checked in detail. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the components work stable and function properly. So that driving becomes safer and of course comfortable.
  1. Avoid further damage
    By maintaining and ensuring the components of the car engine, damage can be avoided from the start. Components that are damaged and not repaired immediately because they are not caught will make the damage worse.
    So, if you feel there is a problem with the components or not, you still need to do a tune up. If you feel a problem with the car engine, you can explain it to the repair shop so that the repair shop immediately checks the condition according to the symptoms you describe.
  1. Save maintenance costs
    When there are components that are badly damaged and must be replaced, of course the costs incurred will be greater as well. Therefore, one of the benefits of a tune up is to minimize maintenance costs because damaged components are immediately detected.
  1. Extend the life of the car
    The benefit of the next car tune up is to extend the life of the car. A well-functioning component and a well-maintained car engine is the best combination to extend the life of a car. Cars that are diligently cared for and tuned up will feel new and powerful.
  1. Increase comfort while driving
    If the condition of the car is good, of course we will feel safe and comfortable when driving. Especially if you plan to travel long distances. Vehicle safety and comfort are number one. Therefore, don’t miss the tune-up time.

That’s 7 benefits of car tune-up if done regularly.

Difference between Tune Up and Periodic Service

Hands of car mechanic in auto repair service.

So, what is the difference between tune up and regular periodic service?
Many assume that tune up is the same as regular service. In fact, the goals are different and the actions taken by the mechanics of the workshop are also different. Tune-up is indeed done at the same time as performing routine services. But the variety of work performed is more complex and thorough.

The components that are checked during the tune up include the air filter, throttle body, spark plugs, battery, fan belt, brake lining, and cleaning the combustion chamber. Meanwhile, during service, they usually only check the air filter, injection system, car fluid, and check the brakes. It’s not even checked if you don’t ask the mechanic for it.

When the tune up and the repair shop find a problem with the component and it needs to be replaced, it is possible that the component must also be replaced. Therefore, because many components are inspected plus component replacement, the costs required during tune ups can also be greater.

When is the Right Time to Tune Up a Car?

Tune up can be done in conjunction with routine car service. Usually at the time of 5,000-6,000 km. But to maximize the benefits of car tune-up, you can do it every 3 months.


How to Service Your Own Car Radiator & Tips for Caring for It

It turns out that it’s not difficult to clean a clogged radiator or clogged radiator or clogged radiator. How do you service a car radiator yourself?

The material and process for servicing the car radiator itself are quite easy. The tools used are simple, easy to get and the price is cheap, the process is not too complicated.

Before starting to do a guide on how to service a car radiator yourself, you need to know the parts of the radiator. There are three important parts to the radiator, namely the upper tank (top tank), lower water tank, and the core tank which is the core part of the car radiator.

How to Service Your Own Car Radiator

Usually, the cause of a damaged, clogged, or clogged car radiator is the age of the vehicle and the use of inappropriate water, such as lime water, well water, or it could be because the radiator water is rarely replaced. Here’s how to service a car radiator.

  1. Prepare the necessary materials
    Prepare the materials needed to clean the car radiator, namely gallon water, radiator coolant or special fluid for radiators, and liquid to clean radiators.

You can clean the radiator core using radiator coolant, radiator super coolant, or antifreeze coolant protector. This special radiator water is considered the most suitable for cleaning the build-up of scale on the radiator compared to ordinary water.

Moreover, if the vehicle often overheats, then the radiator coolant, radiator super coolant, and antifreeze, and coolant protector have a high boiling point compared to ordinary water to provide optimal cooling for your car. However, if you are used to using plain water, it is also not a problem.

  1. Drain radiator water
    Before draining the car radiator, make sure the car is cold. Opening the radiator tank cap when the engine is hot is very dangerous. There is an easy way to drain or clean the radiator. Do it when the water volume has shown at the lower tank point or the bottom of the tank.

How to empty the radiator water is to open the faucet under the radiator tank. Radiator water must be completely drained, there should be no residue. Drain the radiator water can also be done through the radiator water hose at the bottom. The trick, the hose is removed first. The use of this hose can expedite the flow of water.

  1. Clean the radiator water hose
    A car radiator component that is no less important to clean is the radiator water hose. It’s useless if the radiator is clean, but the hose is still dirty. This dirty hose can cause crust on the car engine. So, one way to service a car radiator is to clean the radiator water hose.

How to clean the radiator hose is to remove the hose and then spray water into it. Do this until no dirt remains in the hose.

  1. Clean the radiator core
    After cleaning the radiator hoses, the next step is to clean the radiator core. The core tank or radiator core can be done by filling the water in the radiator until the output water is clean water.

To clean this core, you must use a clean radiator hose. You can clean the radiator core using radiator coolant, radiator super coolant, or antifreeze coolant protector. However, if you don’t find radiator coolant, you can use regular gallons of water.

Note: Avoid using well water or groundwater which has a high lime content because it will rust more quickly.

  1. Start the car engine to drain the radiator water
    After the tank cap is installed again, then start the car engine to clean the car radiator. Warm up the engine for about 15 minutes. Wait until the thermostat rises to the middle position until the radiator water that comes out is smooth and clear. If it is completely empty, turn off the machine again.
  2. Repeat radiator cleaning
    If the engine is cold, then refill the radiator until it is full. Then close the tank. Restart the engine until the radiator water drains out. Repeat this step two to three times to make sure that there is no scale adhering to the radiator. This is done so that the remaining cleaning fluid can also be lifted through the radiator output water.
  3. Close the faucet, reinstall the hose, and check the condition of the radiator
    When the radiator is clean, you can close the faucet again and attach the hose. Then, refill the radiator with radiator water. Add a little radiator coolant so that the quality of the water flowing into the engine can be better and last longer because it prevents scale build-up.

After that, you can close the tank and restart the car engine. Heat a few moments. After that, turn off the engine and check the condition of the radiator again. If the water is reduced, then do not add water, but add radiator coolant.

Car Radiator Caring Tips
If you already know how to serve

4 Most Expensive Antique Cars in the World

4 Most Expensive Antique Cars in the World

Current car consumer behavior is strange! Yep, because a lot of things done were deemed unnatural. Especially if it’s not a matter of buying and selling antique cars, usually a car is sold at a high price when it is at auction.

With the exorbitant price of an antique car, don’t you think about the buyer first? What is not better used to buy the latest sports car that is supported by advanced technology. If used, driving is also comfortable and safe. Different again with antique cars, care must be extra, not to mention if damaged. Repairing it is also very complicated. The components are gone. Antique cars used daily driving also does not guarantee it will reach the destination or not.

Antique car buyers are usually not interested in engine performance or specifications. What is sought is the historical value attached to the antique car. Sometimes spending a lot of money to buy an antique dream car will be done.

Most cars that are sold at fantastic prices are antique cars that have high historical value. Many antique cars from several well-known manufacturers are already sold at exorbitant prices, including Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and Aston Martin. Well, curious about the antique car that bears the title of the most expensive antique car in the world? Check out the review below!

Ferrari 335S Spider

Ferrari 335S Spider

The next antique car is still from the Ferrari manufacturer, the Ferrari 335S Spider antique car. First produced in 1957 and used to drive the first time by Peter Collins and Maurice Trintignant.

Also, be aware that the Ferrari 335S Spider antique car sold for $ 35,712,945. If you look at its history, this antique car deserves to be valued at such a price. Because the antique car Ferrari 335S Spider has repeatedly been used for racing competitions, racing events that have been followed by antique 335S Spider cars include the 1958 World F1 Champ, the Swedish Grand Prix, the 1957 Venezuelan Grand Prix and the Cuba Grand Prix.

The antique Ferrari 335S Spider was also used by racing legend Sir Stirling Moss in the Cuba Grand Prix race and won. The record time of this antique car is 200 km/hour.


Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Spider

This is an antique car model that is indeed classic. Because the design is fairly ancient, which in ancient times was identical to the soaring design, if Otolovers likes to see movies with a background of old times, surely remember this antique car. If you look around, this antique car has a design similar to the golden train in the palace of Yogyakarta.

The Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Spider antique car was once sold at an antique car price of $ 19,800,000.

Ferrari 250 GT California Spider

Ferrari 250 GT California Spider

The next antique car is the antique Ferrari 250 GT California Spider. This is a legendary car ever produced by Ferrari. Even the design itself seems luxurious though this antique car began to be produced in the 60s.

The Ferrari brand has never been doubted in racing cars and luxury cars for a long time. Because it was quite famous in its time, this antique car also still sold $ 18,465,733. By selling an antique car for that size, it’s quite reasonable because the history in this car is also quite a lot.


Ferrari 250 GTO

The most expensive antique car that first carried by the Ferrari 250 GTO antique car. This Italian manufacturer designs a Ferrari 250 GTO with a sports style or racing car. Because of this appearance, this antique car is still often used to cross the racing circuit, limited to a test drive. This antique car sold for $ 38,115,000.

That kind of money is used to buy antique cars. This must be the one who bought too rich. If Otolovers has that kind of money, what do you want to use?

Celebrities caught using Luxury Car Loan Results

Celebrities caught using Luxury Car Loan Results

The lifestyle of celebrities does seem very luxurious. The money they made seemed able to meet all those luxury needs.

You name it, luxury homes, clothes with super duper expensive prices, expensive bags, expensive shoes, plastic surgery, expensive food, and not to miss a luxury car.

Especially Hollywood celebrities whose names are known in almost all countries. They often come up with things that make their fans believe that they are theirs. But famous people did not always have what he was wearing at the time.

According to Motorious, several Hollywood celebrities seem to have luxury cars. But then it was discovered that the vehicles were only rental cars or loan proceeds. Who are they? Here’s the list:

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent had experienced financial difficulties several years ago. But then people felt it was just gibberish. How not, in the MTV Cribs show, 50 Cent showed a collection of Ferrari cars at his home.

Among them are the Ferrari Enzo, the Ferrari F50, and the Ferrari 599 GTB. He looks very reliable, managing his finances to own a line of expensive and expensive cars.

But then, people were shocked again because the cars didn’t belong to 50 Cent. The Italian manufacturer’s car was owned by a collector in Connecticut borrowed by 50 Cent.

Lindsay Lohan

Although they do not live in America, there are many Indonesians who follow the development of Hollywood entertainment. The name Lindsay Lohan is certainly familiar. The actress tripped the case several times.

One memorable case was the accident he experienced on the Pacific Coast Highway around 2012. The accident made the Porsche 911 he was driving damaged because it collided with an 18-wheel vehicle.

When detailed information about the accident spread, it was discovered that the Porsche 911 was a rental car. A truck driver later sued Lohan, and he was claimed to be holding a bottle filled with water that smelled like liquor.

Nicky Minaj

Eccentric and controversial musician, Nicky Minaj is also on this list. In 2010, he was also caught renting Lamborghini Murcielago. The hot-pink supercar drew a lot of attention and made fans believe the car belonged to the singer, even though Minaj didn’t say it directly.

It is the only property owned by one of the car rental companies in Las Vegas. Then the company sued Minaj because he did not pay rent for three days and damaged the Lamborghini.

Justin Bieber

No less controversial, Justin Bieber has also been caught using people’s cars. The police had caught the Canadian musician for driving a car in a drunken condition (DUI) in Miami.

Police then seized the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder driven by Bieber. But the supercar was not his, but the rental car.


Another rapper who was found to be not as rich as actually was Birdman. At that time, he also showed something interesting in the MTV Cribs program.

Birdman showed his Rolls-Royce Phantom. But then it was discovered that the car was not his.


In Order Not to Regret, Consider These 6 Things When Buying a Used Car

The car is a vehicle that has now become a necessity for many people to travel and run a business. The public transportation factor in Indonesia, which is still far from comfortable, does indeed make many people choose to buy individual vehicles for their daily needs.

Unfortunately, not all people can buy the desired car. Car prices are still high, creating them financially; they cannot afford them. But for those of you who want to have a car, we anticipate this financial problem by exploring and buying used cars.

Used car? Can the quality be guaranteed? Even if it is a used car, if you can carefully and precisely choose a vehicle, you can only find a good and quality car. From this matter, unfortunately, not all people can carefully choose a good and quality used a vehicle. For those of you who intend to make a purchase and aim at good and quality used cars, you can apply the following tricks and techniques.

Place of Purchase

The first way and trick to choose a good and quality used a car is to look at where to buy the car. Indeed, now there are not a few places that open used car sales with all its offers. But to buy a used car and get it we can also buy it from people who are indeed going to sell it directly without intermediaries.

Buying into a showroom will indeed make you get not a few choices, but you should know that purchasing a showroom certainly makes the purchase cost more than if you buy it directly from the first person.

If you search and buy a used car through an intermediary this will make the price more expensive. So, purchasing from the first party will make you better understand the condition of car maintenance, after all, if the person who sells it is someone we know. Therefore, paying attention to your location to make a car purchase is an urgent matter that you need to look at.

Beware of Used Cars Collision and Flooding

If you chase used cars that are marketed at the lowest price, even below the market price, you should be more careful. Because there are several propositions that people trade their cars at low prices.

One of them is a car that he sells in a recondition situation. Vehicles that are marketed due to a collision or damaged impact through the flood.

Of course, the quality of a used car crash or flood is not as good as a car that is not a collision or flood. Besides, a vehicle that was because for an accident even though it was often fixed still left other problems.

For that, the matter that you need to pay attention to is to listen to the chassis of the car. By watching that part, you can see whether the chassis and body of the car are in a good situation or not. Besides, you can see the elements under the hood, sometimes a car that was hit by a collision will look like a repair.

Also, the rear trunk is the part that you need to look at. Not infrequently the old owner of the car that you will buy to feel a collision. If there is a former repair in the body element and the chassis of the car, it helps us to consider returning the car that we are interested in.

Pay attention to the curve of the body, and paint the car. Of course, when a used car is hit, the car body and paint elements will not be perfect again. For this, you must be more thorough before purchasing a used car.

Car Engine Performance

This is an important part of the inspection process that must be most observed and not missed. Turn on the car engine and listen to the sound of the engine running. A good machine is a machine that broadcasts smooth and not rough. A car that is still good also has the characteristics of an easy starter. After waging a machine, try to do a driving test.

Try to pass the gear. Make sure that the gear shift runs smoothly. Feel the situation of the car when walking. If it feels heavy, want to turn left or right, try to assume twice to buy it. In this drive, the test works to go through the road that is not flat enough to test the good or bad situation of the legs of the car. For the test drive, we try to do it with the seller so that the seller knows the condition of the vehicle.

Car Exterior

After you chase the seller and the location of the car, then it’s time to do the next stage, namely checking. The part of the car that you often pay attention to is the exterior of the vehicle. Just examine this very united element. On the exterior elements of this car, many car parts that must be checked are the body elements.

Note whether there are scratches or lapses on the body of this car, how the situation of the paint, whether it is still smooth or has been rough. Also consider the element of glass, whether there are parts that are cracked or broken. Also, pay attention to the elements of the lamp, whether there is broken and can light properly, or precisely the light of the lamp is no longer bright, or even the light is no longer on Look at the state of the four tires, is it still okay or has worn out. Try going into the pit to see if there are rust and porous.

Accessories and Interior

After passing with the exterior and engine elements, it’s time to examine the car’s interior and accessories. Some components of car accessories and interiors that you need to look at between the different parts of the dashboard, adjust the air conditioning, carpet, and see the quality of the seats and ceilings.

Be sure to try to occupy the seat, pull back, and check the quality of the upholstery. Even the glass should not go unnoticed by trying to move up and down the windshield. Also, check the wiper button and the open-close situation of the car door. Finally, try to check the headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and danger. Other audio facilities are just as crucial for you to explore by playing and turning techniques.

Completeness of Letters

If you are already chasing a used vehicle, that is your imagination. Then find the situation of the car in a good atmosphere. The next thing that needs to be ignored is the completeness of the letters.

The standard equipment that must be owned by a used car is a Vehicle Ownership Book and a Vehicle Number Certificate. Both of these letters are proof of motor vehicle identification as well as vehicle completeness. This letter writes the owner’s identity, motor vehicle identity, registration number, and validity period is classified as validation.


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